1.3 [TMS] Design

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1.3 [TMS] Design


This Activity results in the generation of a Design Architecture Document based on the Customer environment. The Solution Design Architecture Document will outline the planned production environment of the Traps solution, including the Traps Management Service (TMS) components and the customer environment. Through this activity the consultant will conduct interviews and analysis necessary to determine and document the following:


  • Active Directory structure 
  • Directory Services
  • Logging Services 
  • Network topology 
  • Proxy settings 
  • Traps agents software requirements
  • Firewall requirements
  • Agent rollout plans for supported operating systems
  • Log Forwarding App / SIEM integration (If applicable)

Traps Project Deployment Guide including: Planned operational mode default policy for application protection modules, Malware and Wildfire


Deliverables: Design Architecture Document

Consultant Collateral: Design Architecture Document Template and Sample

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