2.2 Deploy & Configure

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2.2 Deploy & Configure


This activity results in deployment, configuration, and testing of the platform prior to moving to Production. The Tasks ensure base configuration of the Palo Alto Networks Platform according to best practices, aligned with HLD/TDD, and following customer’s internal processes. Tasks for this activity include:


  • Perform basic testing of the hardware and software
  • Pre-configure the platform for NTP, DNS, Logging Profiles, Authentication Profiles
  • Perform parallel or testing environment such as request temp IP and point-to-point testing 
  • Ensure Roles and Responsibilities are clearly defined, especially in cases where multiple teams are involved during same configuration phases or activities
  • Check with customer internal Change Management process, if applicable
  • Configure Panorama Templates / Device Groups
  • Configure Network Interfaces, Routing, Zones, Security Profiles, and Security Profile Groups
  • Configure Logging and Alerting settings
  • Install and Customize Threat Custom Reports
  • Validate the deployment and configuration


Deliverables: Customer signoff to include:

  • Successful connection to customer network
  • As-Built document 
    • Validation of global and local settings in the As-Built document
  • Communication with Panorama


Consultant Collateral: Specific activity definition within the Implementation runbook

                                      As-Built Document (Sample)

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