2.2 [TMS] Deploy and Configure

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2.2 [TMS] Deploy and Configure


This activity results in deployment, configuration and testing of the platform. The Tasks ensure base configuration of the Palo Alto Network Platform according to best practices, aligned with Solution Design Document and following customer’s internal processes.


Tasks include: 

  • Tennent setup in app portal with associated services
  • Deployment of up to five (5) Endpoint Groups
  • Agent Installation Packages
  • Generation of Agent Installation packages for supported operating systems
  • Generation of Agent Installation packages for Migration from ESM to TMS for supported operating systems
  • Deployment of up to five (5) Policy Rules for supported Endpoint Groups
  • Deployment of up to five (5) Profiles for supported Endpoint Protection
  • Initial Policy Configuration
  • Exploit Security Profiles
  • Malware Security Profiles
  • Malware Protection Settings
  • Agent Settings Profiles
  • End to end malware tests using wildfire test sample to validate the traps prevention capabilities



  • Customer sign off on deployment to include:
  • Tennent Created
  • Directory Sync instance created (if applicable)
  • Log forwarding instance created (if applicable)
  • Access to TMS verified by local Admins
  • Agents with “Active” status in TMS Console
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