2.3 Network Integration

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2.3 Network Integration


This task results in integration of the production environment to the customer’s network. Network Integration defines how the Security Operating Platform is stitched to the environment it is securing, and how traffic will flow and will be directed through it.


Based on the Deployment Scenario, the Network Integration tasks can include:

  • Static Routes/Routing protocols redistribution and adjustments
  • VPN termination
  • Access List or Security Groups updates/creation
  • For Public Clouds only:
    • Virtual Networks Creation
    • Load Balancers Deployment and Health Probes
  • For Private Cloud only:
    • Orchestrator integration



  • Routing configuration documented in the As-Built document
  • Public Cloud environment deployed and documented in the As-Built document
  • Private Cloud Orchestration enabled


Consultant Collateral: 

  • Routing Best Practices Document (Professional Services owned Best Practices document)
  • Public Clouds deployment Best Practices
  • Private Clouds Orchestration Integration Best Practices


Please see the following pages for more information:

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