3.1 [TMS] Policy Deployment

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3.1 [TMS] Policy Deployment


This activity results in creating and deploying traps policy for the targeted agents in the customers environment. Tasks include:

  • Review TMS Console logs to remediate processes/applications in the default policy on the deployed endpoints
  • Review Dashboard events
  • Policy Rules Configuration
  • Creation of Exploit profiles
  • Creation of Malware profiles
  • Creation of Agent settings profiles
  • Tune default policy configuration 
  • Manage hash exceptions
  • Validate tuned policy with endpoints
  • Check quarantine features (if applicable)
  • Check system logging, and validity of the solution 
  • Validating pulling of policy, forensic files, and as necessary, WildFire hashes from internal and external networks


Deliverables: As Build Document with the latest policy status captured with screenshots

Consultant Collateral: MS Best practices for policy deployment (PowerPoint Deck + e-learning component)

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