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4.1 SSL Traffic


This activity results in an increase in production traffic visibility by decrypting traffic and applications that are still hidden by encryption.  This process is completed in a staged task sequence in order to ensure a smooth transition.


Tasks include: 

  • Determine the existence of a PKI environment
  • Create or attain a trusted Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Deploy CA on Palo Alto Networks Platforms that will be performing Decryption
  • Ensure CA is trusted by all endpoints
  • Ensure User-ID is enabled 
  • Create a phased rollout approach
  • Establish and create Processes to bypass Decryption when issues arise
  • Creation of SSL Decryption policy for agreed high risk categories
  • Creation of SSL Decryption Profile to handle exceptions 
  • Complete testing of SSL Decrypt policy for deployed Categories


Knowledge transfer to Customer for implementation of additional SSL Decryption categories beyond the initially defined categories



  • SSL Configuration Addendum added to As-Built document
  • Completed SSL Decryption Implementation Checklist


Consultant Collateral: 

  • SSL Decryption Best Practice
  • Transformation Services Playbook


Please see the Decryption Best Practices page to learn more.



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