Reporting - Identify KPIs

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Reporting - Identify KPIs


A key performance indicator is a type of performance measurement or simply put, a metric. When operating a Palo Alto Networks Security Operation Platform, it’s important to identify the metrics that are relevant to your organization’s objectives, measure them, and monitor their evolution over time.

These metrics can be classified into the following categories, depending on the aspect they are meant to measure:


Performance/capacity metrics. These are metrics that are useful for capacity and upgrade planning.

Features adoption metrics. These metrics are used to measure the use of the different Next- Generation Firewall features. We assume that the more features are in use, the better (more secure).

Security risk metrics. These metrics measure the risk level to which is exposed the infrastructure that is protected by the firewall.

This activity presents different metrics that can be defined, measured and monitored in order to improve and maintain the performance, availability, risk and maturity level of the Security Operation Platform.

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