Security Lifecycle Review Quickplay


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Brief Description

This skillet will automate the process of creating an SLR from a NGFW.


Target Audience

This quickplay solution is designed for use by SEs, partners, customers, CEs and anyone who needs to perform a Security Lifecycle Review


Solution Details

Authoring Group: This Skillet was designed by the Technical Marketing Engineering Group


Github Location:

Github Branches: master

PAN-OS Supported: PAN-OS 7.1 – PANOS 9.1.

Cloud Provider(s) Supported: Any and all providers are supported by this skillet

Type of Skillet: Python3 Script

Collections: Example Skillets
Purpose: Any type of IPSec Tunnel Configuration


Detail Description

This skillet will collect information from a NGFW then post that information to the SLR API. A report will then be generated and emailed to the supplied list of email recipients.


User Entered Variables

The skillet supports use of the following variables:


firewall: IP Address or host name of the firewall from which to collect data
username: NGFW authentication username

password: NGFW authentication password

support_api_key: API Key to access the Support Site

email: List of email addresses where the report should be sent

requestor_email: Email address of the person who is requesting the SLR report

prepared_by: Name of the person who is requesting the SLR report


Additional SLR Information


Security Lifecycle Review

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