IronSkillet 10.1, Baseline the NGFW, Query the NGFW, and HomeSkillet

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L4 Transporter

As PAN-OS continues to grow its feature capabilities we also strive to extend our automated solution sets. This current release of content not only configures the NGFW but also will baseline the firewall and validate configuration requirements. The goal is to replace time consuming documentation research and UI clicks with tested, ready to use configurations and validation assessments.


IronSkillet 10.1 New Release

IronSkillet  is a day one deployment-agnostic NGFW and Panorama configuration. It is used as an initial baseline including device hardening and security profiles to be used by use-case specific configuration and security policies.


This release (10.1) also includes a new playlist model allowing users to select which IronSkillet components they wish to load or include in other solutions. We’re structurally changing the skillet model to include ‘playlists’ with subsets of IronSkillet configuration. Examples are device hardening, just the security profiles/groups, and alert-only elements. The IronSkillet 10.1 docs also are updated with instructions allowing users to create their own playlists and can be found here . 


Additional IronSkillet information can be found in the IronSkillet Quickplay Solutions article.


Ansible Playbook to Baseline the NGFW

This Ansible quickplay, run natively or as a skillet, completes a series of tasks to baseline a newly deployed firewall including: licensing, content updates, and software upgrades or downgrades.


Additional quickplay information can be found in the Ansible Playbook to Baseline the NGFW article.


PAN-OS Query Scripts

This suite of scripts and skillets allows the user to query the NGFW to retrieve various sets of information including:


  • DNS domain categories
  • URL categories
  • Inbound security policy open ports and applications


Additional PAN-OS query script information can be found in the PAN-OS query script article.


HomeSkillet 10.1 New Release

HomeSkillet is a starter internet gateway configuration that builds on a modified version of IronSkillet for use in home networks. It includes interface, zone, NAT, and security policy configuration. This release (10.1) includes the new playlist model and new updates from IronSkillet 10.1. 


Additional HomeSkillet information can be found in the HomeSkillet Internet Gateway article.



We're excited to release these new Quickplay Solution updates to the community. 


If you have ideas for Quickplay Solutions drop us a note in our Discussion Board.  We're always looking to see where we can help the community simplify deployments, configuration, and assessment of the NGFW.

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