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MFA with Okta Failure - "{"res":"FAIL","msg":"Couldn't resolve host name"}"

L4 Transporter

I am testing MFA with Okta. I have noticed that the firewall. I have configured everything according to one of the videos Palo Alto Networks videos on YouTube. The firewall captive portal redirection is hit and miss for http and https services. When it works as expected, I get the Palo Alto captive portal form where I could login fine with the first factor (ldap auth) however the second auth i.e. MFA is failing. The monitor -> Authentication shows first auth as a success, however, shows "Can't resolve hostname" msg for the second factor i.e. Okta MFA failure. I used the vendor url hostname and the firewall, as well as test host, can resolve it fine.  What am I missing?


> test mfa-vendors mfa-server-profile okta-mfa

Target vsys is not specified, mfa-profile is assumed to be configured under shared.

{"res":"FAIL","msg":"Couldn't resolve host name"}

I am testing the config on a PA-200 running PAN-OS 8.1.0. 

Who Me Too'd this topic