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4.1.4 upgrade failed

L2 Linker

I tried to run ESMcore update to 4.1.4, but it ended up with "cannot access file, check permissions" -type of failure. Of course I did not take note of the exact filename. There was rollback option, so I prssed that.

Now my clients cannot connect to my server, I can use ESM console just fine.


setup emptied and removed this folder: "C:\Program Files\Palo Alto Networks\Endpoint Security Manager\Server\"


I recreated it and put hibernate.cfg.xml there under bin, but now setup is complaining about missing: CyveraServer.exe.config


What happens if try to uninstall traps core from the server and do a reinstall? Or, if someone has better tip, it would be much appreatiated.

PA-220, PA-820, Cortex XDR
Who Me Too'd this topic