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[UPDATED] Customer Notice: Introducing Customer Support Experience R2

[UPDATE May 5th: The scheduled maintenance has completed.]


The Customer Experience R2 features:

  • An updated look and feel for the Customer Support Portal that leverages Cloud Services Portal components such as the new top and side navigation bars giving users instant access to functions across support properties and products
  • New self-help and search functions
  • A new notification feature that will prompt users to take self-service actions
  • Intuitive case creation with reduced number of steps, built-in self-help options, and integration with AutoAssistant for ASC partners
  • Improvements based directly on customer and partner feedback
  • An Optimized case management layout
  • Case history search
  • "My Cases" / "My Company's Cases" toggle in case management
  • Case history look-back through interface expanded to 6 years
  • Mobile/Tablet-ready interface


Click here for a short video describing the changes

Click here for the announcement page


Thank you,


The Palo Alto Networks Support Team

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