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EU hosted Traps 5.0 management, clients check in to the US



We've just started to try out Traps 5.0 for a small number of agents, migrating from our on-premise 4.2.0 installation.

Since we are based in Europe, we've chosen EU as our datacenter location, and company.traps.paloaltonetworks.com resolves to IP addresses hosted on AWS in Germany.


However, the agents all connect to ch-company.traps.paloaltonetworks.com, which is hosted on AWS in the USA.


Is this an oversight, or is there hardly any data transfered to the ch-prefixed fqdn? If all the traffic is passing trough American servers this means its suddenly under US jurisdiction.


I'm by no means an expert on the law behind this, so I'm open for any discussion.

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