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Traps 4.2.3 Agent install issue - anybody similar results

L1 Bithead

Hi community,


Have upgraded ESM to v4.2.3.41131

Tried to push upgrade to client.

Failed.  Tamper Protection on endpoint(s) disabled.
Error in log is "2019-02-06 13:17:00.8447    ERROR CyveraService 25 
Action    Signature validation failed for 
package. "

I checked the certs  now used to  verify the file Digicert EV Code 
Signing CA (SHA2).

These certs do not appear to be installed on Windows 10 by default?

Installed the digicert chain in local computer trusted CA root store and 
tried to push upgrade from ESM via an agent action with same fail result.

If I run the msi directly it installs fine.  Why is it failing signature 
validation if the certs are installed?

Who Me Too'd this topic