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ESM email configuration/behaviour in V4.2.4 changed?

L1 Bithead

Hi community

Under Settings->ESM->email you can configure email settings for reporting logging events by mail. This was working fine all the time up to ESM V4.2.3. Now last week we upgraded to V4.2.4 (minor...) and do not receive emails anymore.

Button "Send Test Message" always results in "Failed to send test message" above in red... So checking the logs we see a error we would expect while using "enable SSL":

"ERROR w3wp 63 Cyvera.Server.Facades.Reporting.Reporters.MailReporter Communication SSL Policy Error: RemoteCertificateNameMismatch, RemoteCertificateChainErrors "

- but "enable SSL" is not ticked in our configuration.

We found out that no matter if we tick "enable SSL" or not we can see on the exchange mail receiver side that the ESM Server always sends a STARTTLS - so this looks like a bug.

We tried to workaround the problem with presenting on the exchange mail receiver a valid certificate and yes we came one step further - but just one. No the ESM shows in the logs that sender username and password cannot be empty:

WARN w3wp 43 Cyvera.Server.Facades.Reporting.Reporters.MailReporter General "Failed to decrypt password. Error: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: s "
ERROR w3wp 43 Cyvera.Management.Web.Controllers.AdministrationController General "Failed to send test mail message System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: userName

We have a blank user name and password in the ESM GUI, because our mail receiver does not support authentication. So we are stuck again... and yes we had the same configuration in V4.2.3 worked like a charm...


So we are not able to report logging events by mail in ESM V4.3.4. Anybody seeing the same? Why this behaviours all changed without any notice?


Any help much appreciated 

Who Me Too'd this topic