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Unable to remove traps agent from windows endpoint

L2 Linker

Hi All,


I have come across a situation, where I am unable to remove traps agent from a windows systems, Below are the findings from this situations.

1) This perticular windows endpoint is unlicensed now meaning there is no communication between this endpoint and traps ESM server.

2) We tried removing traps using traps cleaner tool but while running this tool it says "SPROT is enabled please enter password to disabled it"

3) When we enter the password it says incorrect password (we know pssword is correct"

4)When we try to remove traps through control panel , it asks for the password and hence not accpeting the password.

5) We tried to install traps by overrighting the current installation. but during the traps setup window, The ESM server name and port number comes already hardcoded means we cant change the things which are already there.

 6) This unlicensed traps is blocking a perticular pdf on the system, so evenif i whielist that pdf , those changes will not take effect untill the communication is established.


I have opened a ticket with support people, but still if anyone has any clue , Please assist.




Asif Siddiqui

Who Me Too'd this topic