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Proper way of using Search Filter in Group Mapping Settings


User Identification>Group Mapping Settings>Server Profile

I want to use Search Filter in Group Objects to limit total number of groups returned by that profile (as there are more groups than HW limitation). Group Include List is not an option, since we have more used groups than the list limit allows.

Following this article I configured Search Filter cn=users, but using CLI command "show user group-mapping state <profile-name>" it returns 0 groups.

Can you clarify please: does this filter meant to return users belonging to a single group/CN ONLY or it also should return nested groups within that filtered group?

For example if we have: cn=admins, cn=users, ou=office,dc=domain,dc=com, can we filter by cn=users to return all nested groups (admins and others within cn=users) or we can only filter cn=admins, to return users within that group?

Thank you.

Who Me Too'd this topic