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VDI cytool imageprep - long scanning duration on write.exe

L1 Bithead

Hi there,


we use the Palo Alto Traps Management solution and the 6.1.2 client (the issue here also affects older versions).

Does anybody have a solution or explanation, why the Traps cytool imageprep command on VDI master images has a long scanning duration on the file C:\Windows\write.exe ?

After a Windows update or application change we normally use the "cytool.exe imageprep scan timeout 4 upload 60 path c:\temp" command, to scan all files within the master image (like in the description of Palo Alto Traps).

This takes 1 hour everytime, which could be avoided, if the file C:\Windows\write.exe would'nt be scanned.

This file takes 45 minutes aprox.


Thanks! 🙂



Who Me Too'd this topic