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Step 10 – Request Exam Voucher


Now that you have made your way to the end of the Veteran Skills Learning Path, you should be fully prepared to take the PCNSE exam. If you haven’t completed all of the steps just yet, you can still request a voucher for the PCCSA or the PCNSA exams.


Here’s what you’ll need to get your vouchers:

  • Digital Learning Course completion verification

One of the following:

  • Link to your LinkedIn profile with past military employment
  • Picture of your Military ID (CAC, VA issued ID Card, Retiree ID Card)
    VA Issued ID.png  Military ID.png


Once you have these two items prepared, send an email to certification@paloaltonetworks.com and include the items above as attachments.


Palo Alto Networks asks for this information only to verify a student’s veteran status and discourage those impersonating being a veteran.


NOTE: Once the voucher is given out, the information is deleted and not kept.

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