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Hi @AhmedSallam 


There are quite a few differences between ESM and Cortex XDR.  You get significantly more features in Cortex XDR.  Some differences include:


1.  Management server location (Cloud vs on-Prem)

2.  Cortex XDR has more prevention features (Behavior Threat Protection, etc)

3.  Agent communication (Cortex XDR - communicates over internet / ESM - communicates while on network, VPN, or DMZ exposed Core)

4.  EDR capabilities available in Cortex XDR

5.  Cortex XDR has device control features (USB Device control, Host-based firewall, bitlocker support)

6.  Cortex XDR allows response capabilities 


WildFire is used in both solutions.  WildFire is cloud-based.  


David Falcon 
Solutions Architect, Cortex
Palo Alto Networks® 
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