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What are the new features in Traps Endpoint 4.2.6 and bug fixes ?

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Hi All,


Will like to find out
• If Traps version 4.2.6 is a stable version to upgrade our backend infrastructure to. Our current infra is running Traps version 4.2.4
• Can the Traps backend infra running 4.2.6 supports Servers with Traps agents running version 4.1.5. Will there be any issues with the Servers running Traps version 4.1.5 once we upgrade our backend to Traps version 4.2.6?
• What are the known bugs in the previous version of Traps that were revolved by Traps 4.2.6
• What are the bugs that are introduced by Traps 4.2.6.
• Any things about Traps version 4.2.6 that we should be aware of?

• Additional features in Traps 4.2.6 which 4.2.4 could not support


Any documents to present to customer in order to convince them upgrading to the Traps 4.2.6 is best for them

Who Me Too'd this topic