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Multicast over IPSEC between 2 PA devices

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PanOS Admin manual says multicast over ipsec is fully supported between PA devices. I just cant figure out how to configure it properly. I can get the receivers to show up on PIM, and I can see traffic going thru to the receiving side PA, but not forwarded from there.

Here is our wanted setup. Because our ISP won't allow multicast traffic through it's MPLS network, we have to tunnel it somehow.


I have set PA1 as Static RP on Ethernet1.32 and configured PA2 to use it. Security rules for multicast traffic are currently set to allow any->multicast. Both PA's have IGMP and PIM enabled on tunnel.1 and internal Ethernet interfaces. I believe the solution lies in configuring the routes properly, but I can't figure it out and can't find any guides for this setup.

Who Me Too'd this topic