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Who Me Too'd this topic

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GlobalProtect CEF format

Hi community,

I've configured asPAN OS 6.0 CEF Guide, the threat, system, traffic, config and all other logs are in CEF format and parsed correctly in Arcsight, except GlobalProtect log. GlobalProtect log doesn't get parsed well, and I started creating variables on ESM. I've contacted HP Arcsight Support, and they said PAN NGFW's are certified as a Arcsight Supported devices, so it is on PAN to decide. 


Is there anyone that have had issue with this? How do you guys decide this issue? 


Our PA-3020 used to have 6.0.1 and on that version CEF configuration didn't work. We've updated to 6.1.4, and still no luck for GlobalProtect's log parsing.


Thank you.

Who Me Too'd this topic