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Setting up dedicated log collector

L2 Linker

I am setting up a new M100 as a dedicated log collector, and wanted to share a day of frustration with a resolution.... After following the Panorama guide for setup, I was unable to see the Disks in the Disk tab under Managed Collectors on the Panorama management server to enable the disks.  I've tried manually editing the fields but it does not take.  When commiting changes to Panorama I get following warning message - "No disks enabled on log collector".  In addition, the new dedicated log collector does not show as connected in the Managed Collectors screen, but it does show connected in Managed Devices.


When I SSH to the dedicated log collector, disk space and raid seem to indicate everything is there -

admin@dc2log> show system disk-space

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2             7.6G  1.7G  5.6G  23% /
/dev/sda5              23G  1.7G   20G   8% /opt/pancfg
/dev/sda6              16G  2.0G   13G  14% /opt/panrepo
tmpfs                 7.9G     0  7.9G   0% /dev/shm
/dev/sda8              56G   17G   36G  33% /opt/panlogs
/dev/loop0             16G  173M   15G   2% /opt/logbuffer
/dev/md2              917G  200M  871G   1% /opt/panlogs/ld2
/dev/md3              917G  200M  871G   1% /opt/panlogs/ld3
/dev/md4              917G  200M  871G   1% /opt/panlogs/ld4
/dev/md1              917G  200M  871G   1% /opt/panlogs/ld1

admin@dc2log> show system raid

Disk Pair A                           Available
   Disk id A1                           Present
   Disk id A2                           Present
Disk Pair B                           Available
   Disk id B1                           Present
   Disk id B2                           Present
Disk Pair C                           Available
   Disk id C1                           Present
   Disk id C2                           Present
Disk Pair D                           Available
   Disk id D1                           Present
   Disk id D2                           Present


Solution -

The dedicated log collector should not be in the Managed Devices section.  Removing the dedicated log collector from Managed Devices, enables it for Managed Collectors and disks can be selected.

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