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L7 Applicator

Version 3.2.7 Released on December 30th 2015

Hi !


We have released 3.2.7 to add support for Stonesoft firewalls for the first time.


We support Objects, Security and Nat rules, even the Rule Jumps. We are calcultaing for each Jump what part of the template makes sense to apply based on the rule who is doing the Jump.


We start with this first version and we hope to hear from you to see how we can improve it.


We also added to this version:

  1. Checkpoint interfaces. Based on the netstat -nr file you can provide we will read the networks assigned to your firewall and after that we will try to map the networks with the Virtual Ip address from the Checkpoint Cluster definition to replace the network with the VIP.
  2. Cisco and DM_Inline Groups. Added support to replace them when are used in Nat rules.

On date Dec 30 2015 we added a quick fix.

  1. when untagged interface is activated on an ethernet or aggregated-ethernet interface the units where not populated in the final XML. 
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