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What's new in MineMeld 0.9.16

L7 Applicator

Release Date: 2016-06-07

How to update: Updating MineMeld



2 new prototypes from the MineMeld community (thanks !):

- Emerging Threats Open rulesets prototype, contributed by Víctor Barahona

- blocklist from, contributed by netmaster

With the new UI feature is now possible to see which prototypes have been contributed by the community. See below.

- EDL output nodes now can covert URLs indicators into PAN-OS EDL URLs, just append ?v=panosurl at the end of the feed URL. WARNING: there are cases where this could increase the risk of FPs. Example: if a URL indicator has format foo*, the resulting indicator looks like * Use this flag with care.

- Plain Text Miner now supports user configurable User-Agent. Some feeds do not like default python requests User-Agent

- now you can see the author of a prototype directly from the prototypes list:

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 15.31.18.png


- now you can also see the author of each prototype inside the single prototype view

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 15.31.29.png


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