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OSPF Redistribution on second area

L4 Transporter

I seem to be having an issue with OSPF redistribution to BGP.  I've got two areas, the primary (area 1) that spans most of the network, and a new smaller area (area 2) that I've set up to separate out routes for a smaller connected network.  Both of these areas are present on a Virtual Router on the Palo Alto.


Area 1 is already set up and is properly redistributing to BGP using a Redistribution Rule.


Area 2 has a few routes coming in as O1 and doesn't seem to be redistributing to iBGP.  I created a Redistribution Rule for it (setting the type to ospf and ext-1 with area 2) and the rule is set to redistribute.  I also added it as a redistribution rule under BGP.


I can see the routes on the router under OSPF but they don't seem to be making it over to BGP.


Any suggestions?



Who Me Too'd this topic