Step 2: Enroll in EDU-010 Intro to Cybersecurity



  • Click the name of the course from the search results.
    • NOTE: You should enroll in other two results and complete them in the sequence shown in the image when you advance to Step 3 of this training program.



  • Click Request to add the course to your learning profile.



  • Click Open Curriculum to launch the course.



  • Click Activate then click the “Launch” button to launch into each module, beginning with the Introduction to Cybersecurity: An Overview of Cybersecurity.



  • After completion of the EDU-010 course, enroll and complete the (open-book) EDU-010 Assessment.
  • Follow the same steps as before when enrolling in the EDU-010 course in order to Request and open the EDU-010 Assessment.





The EDU-010 Assessment

  • Contains 25 questions
  • Is open-book, open-Google, open LIVEcommunity 
  • Assessments don’t focus on memorization, rather, we want you to know how to find answers to questions when you need them.
  • Is not timed and you can save/resume whenever you want.
  • Allows up to 4 retakes.

After completion of the Assessment, you can print your certificate by clicking the 3-line Menu item on the top right, click: 

Main Menu > My Learning

  • From the Active button in the upper left, choose Completed from the drop-down.



  • Any completed courses and assessments/exams will be listed with an option to View Certificate.
  • After completion of the EDU-010 Assessment, proceed to Step 3.