Step 5: Enroll in EDU-110 Firewall Essentials



  • Click the name of the course from the search results.



  • Click Request to add the course to your learning profile.



  • Click Open Curriculum to launch the course.



  • Click Activate then the “Launch” button to launch into each module, beginning with the Firewall 8.0 Essentials: Course Introduction.



  • As you finish viewing each module of EDU-110 in the Learning Center, you can perform the associated hands-on lab activities within this remote environment, according to the instructions provided in the “Hands-On Lab Guide.” The Hands-On Lab Guide will walk you through several hands-on activities within a real firewall designed to reinforce the concepts you learn in each module.



  • To fulfill the steps of the Lab Guide, you will need to access the remote lab environment (instructions below).


The Remote Lab Environment ($95 for six months)



  • If you have any questions about the guide or the lab content, please contact NDG directly at

  • You can also view the FAQ and other support documentation regarding these labs by visiting the support page. 

  • If you have locked your account or lost your password, it can be reset here: Password Reset.

  • If you have any other trouble with the environment, you can email the support team:


After completion of this training and lab activities, proceed to Step 6.