Palo Alto Networks Telemetry Agent


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Palo Alto Networks Telemetry AgentPalo Alto Networks Telemetry Agent



Palo Alto Networks Telemetry Agent

Palo Alto Networks telemetry, delivered by the new Telemetry Agent, empowers customers through data driven insights. Telemetry delivers deep insight and monitoring capabilities to ensure customers use their security tools effectively, maximize the value they receive from Palo Alto Networks products and stay ahead of business needs.


Business-impacting incidents caused by unexpected changes in network traffic, firewall health, or capacity limits can create an immense drain on time and resources and put tremendous pressure on teams, working on the crisis. Proactive system health, performance, trending, and configuration analysis enable customers to increase uptime, improve security posture, and address issues before they escalate, or impact business continuity.


Palo Alto Networks Services and Support can now leverage the consistent data provided by telemetry to deliver custom guidance, proactive notifications and accelerated issue resolution.


The Palo Alto Networks Telemetry Agent is easy to deploy, zero maintenance, and works with all supported PAN-OS software releases.


Beta Program

As a participant in the Telemetry Agent Beta program you will be helping us to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Telemetry Agent Beta Registration:


While providing this critical input, you will be building an historical dataset upon which valuable insights can be delivered by the Telemetry Powered Applications (TPAs) scheduled for release in the coming months. Capacity planning, system health, and performance insights will be the initial focus, and a historical dataset is critical to the accuracy of important calculations.


In addition to building this foundational dataset, the new Telemetry Agent includes a Technical Support File (TSF) bundle collection “easy button,” saving you time and effort. Technical Support File bundles are often necessary when requesting help from Palo Alto Networks Global Customer Support and Services. We have streamlined this process, allowing for automated collection and uploading of TSFs on a schedule and/or on demand.


The one step registration is fast and easy. Once registered, you’ll gain access to everything you need to get the agent up and running quickly. We have included a QuickStart Guide, to help you every step of the way. 


We hope your experience in the Beta program is painless, but if you have any questions or feedback, we are here to help!


For more information including FAQs, Release Notes, and Privacy information, please visit the LIVEcommunity Telemetry tools page.


Please send all feedback/inquiries to:

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