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Community Manager
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Looking for the most recent Cyber Elite cohort? Check out our 2021 LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite Program page!



We created the Cyber Elite Program to recognize experts in our community from around the globe, who have demonstrated excellence in participation and contributions in LIVEcommunity. This innovative program is part of Palo Alto Networks commitment to empower outstanding members who enrich our online community.


About the Program

Cyber Elite members are our LIVEcommunity experts! They are closely engaged with the community, share technical insights, knowledge, and assist fellow community members to elevate their security posture in an increasingly complicated world of cybersecurity. Their know-how and expertise helps others protect their companies and customers. Cyber Elite experts demonstrate characteristics we believe exhibit the values that make up a vibrant and interactive technical community.


Cyber Elite status will be awarded for a one-year period. Ongoing participation will be reviewed annually and membership will be extended based on positive, engaging and shared contributions during that one-year period.


Key Characteristics of a Cyber Elite Member

LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite.png


Advocacy: Act as a trustworthy and balanced representative for our community, fostering the spirit of collaboration and advancement of better security practices.


Expertise: Strong technical understanding of Palo Alto Networks products and provides valuable solutions and recommendations.


Tone: Displays a supportive, positive, and collaborative style in helping community members succeed.



Responsiveness: Actively engages with members in forums. Shares, supports, and provides value to the community.


Leadership: Key extension of our LIVEcommunity team advocating in the community for successful use and best practices of Palo Alto Networks products, technologies, and solutions. 


Meet our Cyber Elite Members

Brandon Pry.jpg

Brandon Pry @BPry

Brandon is the Senior Network and Security Engineer for the Wisconsin Legislature. Through his years of experience in IT and cybersecurity, he is an expert with deep-dive troubleshooting and debugging on Palo Alto Networks devices, holding several certifications including a PCNSE and an Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE). Brandon is responsible for securing legislative resources and ensuring the legislature is capable of serving the people of Wisconsin at all times. When not engaged with day-to-day functions, Brandon can often be found sharing and gaining knowledge within the LIVEcommunity. 

Watch the Spotlight Video Interview with Brandon!


Brandon Wertz @Brandon_Wertz

Brandon is a Senior Systems Engineer for Conagra Brands, who has spent the past 12 years working primarily in data center services, eventually transitioning into firewall architecture and implementation, working on core technologies such as datacenter switching, WAN/internet connectivity, and firewall services. As an L6 contributor on LIVEcommunity, his expertise involves well-rounded exposure to network designs and methodologies and is heavily involved in Palo Alto Networks technologies. Watch the Spotlight Video Interview with Brandon!


Mahesh Parmar  @MP18

Mahesh is the System Administrator III at The City of Calgary (Canada). Mahesh holds PCNSE and Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) certifications and has spent the past 16 years becoming proficient in network security. His experience has helped him develop a knack for working with Palo Alto Networks technology including GlobalProtect and Next-Generation Firewall. Read the Spotlight Interview with Mahesh!


Otakar Klier @OtakarKlier

As the Sr. Security Engineer at Perspecta, Inc. in the RDG Division, Otakar is focused on all things security and networking related. He is a seasoned security professional with over a decade of experience in cybersecurity, making his L7 status in LIVEcommunity well deserved. Otakar holds PCNSE and Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) certifications from Palo Alto Networks and several others that help solidify his presence as a Cyber Elite expert. Watch the Spotlight Video Interview with Otakar!

Remo Mittler.jpg

Remo Mittler @Vsys_remo

Remo is a Senior Security Engineer at Avectris AG, a Switzerland based full-service provider. His 14 years of experience in network security have helped him become an expert in firewalls, vulnerability management, log management, archiving, and multi-factor authentication infrastructure to name a few. Remo possesses a PCNSE certification along with several others that help him stand out in ranks of Cyber Elite experts. Read the spotlight interview with Remo!


Steven Cantwell @SteveCantwell

With more than 23 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity, Steven is a Senior Security Architect for Cloud Harmonics, a Palo Alto Networks preferred Authorized Training Partner (ATP). Steven holds Palo Alto Networks certifications as a PCNSA, PCNSE, and PCNSC and has spent the past eight years working for Elite ATPs as a certified instructor for all Palo Alto Networks EDU classes. Lastly, Steven is the business Lead for Cloud Harmonics’ Professional Services, focusing on implementations and migrations to Palo Alto Networks Strata, Prisma, and Cortex branded solutions. Read the spotlight interview with Steven!


Member Benefits

From a unique LIVEcommunity badge to special Ignite benefits, members will be awarded, recognized, and assigned the Cyber Elite title within the LIVEcommunity.


Some of the member-only benefits include:

  • A private forum to enable deeper discussions about advanced topics and answers (The “Cyber Elite Members Lounge”)
  • A Cyber Elite badge that clearly differentiates a member as a top contributor and trusted advisor
  • Promoted within the LIVEcommunity and Palo Alto Networks at company events
  • Exclusive access to technical information, experiences, and resources that help Cyber Elite experts do more with Palo Alto Networks technology
  • May include options to meet privately with Palo Alto Networks team and executives in a roundtable format
  • And, we have a fantastic Cyber Elite appreciation package and giveaways that a member can proudly display at Ignite conferences, Fuel User Group events, or anywhere else.

These are just a few of the benefits... with more to come!


Become a Cyber Elite Member

To begin your Cyber Elite journey, register in LIVEcommunity, share your knowledge and expertise, engage in discussions, provide answers, and help your peers in the community. Cyber Elite members are hand-selected by Palo Alto Networks based on positive contributions in the community, demonstrating a laser focus on bringing value, being helpful, sharing your know-how, and providing your unique expert perspective.

We want to reward and recognize community members that contribute high value and go above and beyond in assisting our vibrant community. Start your journey today!

For more information, please reach out to the LIVEcommunity team at:


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L4 Transporter

Congratulations to @BPry @Brandon_Wertz @MP18 @OtakarKlier @vsys_remo @SteveCantwell we are thrilled to have you as our new Cyber Elite members!!! Excited to showcase your knowledge and skills! We are grateful for your attention to detail and expertise!

L3 Networker

Thank you for the immense value you all bring to our community and the knowledge you tirelessly share with others!  Congratulations!

L4 Transporter

Cheers to the new members of the LIVEcommunity Cyber Elite program!  Great job!

L3 Networker

A heartfelt welcome and congratulations to these Palo Alto Networks technology experts! Your expertise and willingness to help others is what makes you stand out from the crowd! Welcome @BPry @Brandon_Wertz @MP18 @OtakarKlier @vsys_remo @SteveCantwell

Community Team Member

Wow! Congratulations to each of you! LIVEcommunity would not be the same without your participation and the knowledge that you share. Thank you for all you do.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you to all of our collaborative community members! And a huge congratulations to the Cyber Elite members for 2020! @BPry @Brandon_Wertz @MP18 @OtakarKlier @vsys_remo @SteveCantwell 


Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Many congratulations to the Cyber Elite members!!! 

L6 Presenter

Thanks everyone, look forward to continue to be a part of the community.

L0 Member

congrats to the elite members

L0 Member

Congrats to the elite members

L0 Member

Congratulations to the Elite Members!! I hope to become part of this select team one day.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Mateus_Schott So glad you are here. You have a great group of experts to tap into with our Cyber Elite members and others on the Community! Every discussion, solution and contribution enhances the community and we look forward to your engagement and collaboration!

L0 Member

Congratulations to the Cyber Elite Members.

Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Thank you all! It's great to be part of such a great community! Of course also prior to be a Cyber Elite Member, this community is a great opportunity to either receive help/answers about problems/questions and also help others and answer their questions. In both situations everyone benefits and will probably also learn new things.

Sharing is caring!

Cyber Elite
Cyber Elite

Thanks to Everyone!

I need to make sure my passion to learn about PA goes more and more and I can continue my contribution  in this Community

Also, we need to see some new members in the near future as Palo Alto is Great Security Product to learn.



Community Team Member

Congratulations to each of you! LIVEcommunity would not be the same without your participation and knowledge that you so generously share. Thank you!

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