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From time to time, content becomes out of date. As much as we work hard to keep all of our articles up-to-date, sometimes one falls through the cracks.

If you identify an article that is out of date or contains inaccurate information, there is an easy way to let the LIVEcommunity team know.



You are reading an article or blog, and you spot something that you would like to report to the team. Follow these steps:

  1. At the very top of every article or blog, you will see a button titled, “Article Options” – click it
    LIVEcommunity Article Options.png
  2. A dropdown menu will appear, and select "Report This Content" located at the bottom of the list
    LIVEcommunity Article Options Report Content.png
  3. This is where you can “Report This Content.” Please provide as many details as possible about the issue in the comment box
    LIVEcommunity Report Content Moderator.png
  4. Click "Notify Moderator"
  5. This will trigger a notification to our entire team, and we will take action on the article

In the event that you cannot report the content in question, using the “Report This Content” option, please send an email to

Thanks for helping make this the BEST online community by reporting out of date or incorrect content.


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