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Updated 4/22/21


The LIVEcommunity has changed many times over the years, and this time we have changed again to help adapt to the ever-changing security environment. Many of us have been forced to work from home, practice social distancing and interact remotely.

Now, more than ever, fast access to quick applicable solutions is critical to addressing security threats. Perhaps even more critical is having access to a peer-to-peer community of intelligent and collaborative network security and IT professionals all working together to address similar challenges. There is no question that thousands of minds working together, creating and sharing ideas to counter security challenges, is far more powerful than a single engineer working alone.

An Elevated LIVEcommunity Experience

This customer experience (CX) refresh provides our customers and our community members with a simplified experience, supports an enhanced online community journey and promotes engagement opportunities with new, fun and exciting features.


We did this for a number of reasons, but here are the big ones:

  • Enhancing the user interface to help you meet your needs 
  • Helping you navigate the Palo Alto Networks ecosystem, no matter where you are in your journey
  • Creating more opportunities to participate and engage with your peers and Palo Alto Networks experts
  • Providing a community foundation to help you thrive as a community member and grow into a technology expert

With these key factors in mind, we made some significant changes to LIVEcommunity. We believe they will help you find the information you need and connect with over 170,000 of the most progressive IT and security professionals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We hope you like what you see and feel inspired to connect, engage, and learn more. Read some of our featured articles, post a question, or better yet, answer a question! Let us know what you think. In the end, this is your community, and we are here to make it as useful as we can for you.


We have changed some things up around the LIVEcommunity, curious about what’s new? Please check out this Blog for the details: 

The Enhanced LIVEcommunity Experience 


Below you will see details about the improvements and areas you’ll see starting today. Also, please don’t forget to check out the FAQ area to see all of the answers to common questions about the LIVEcommunity.


LIVEcommunity Blog Area


The LIVEcommunity Blog area is “livelier” than ever. We are constantly updating—from notifications on new products, versions, and features to new training, tools, discussion of the week(DotW), tips & tricks, and anything else we think can be helpful to learn and expand your knowledge. Explore our blogs here: LIVEcommunity Blogs


New Topic-Based Navigation


We listened to your feedback on the difficulty of browsing and navigating to articles and other resources. As a result, we changed the navigation throughout the website, making it easier, more intuitive, and helpful. You can see it broken down into the following areas:

  • Get Started – Our getting started area is where you Start to know about the LIVEcommunity. It consists of this Welcome message, as well as Community feedback area, Community Help and FAQ area.
  • News & Events – This is where you will find PSIRT(Security Incident and Response) Articles, News, Social Feed, and Events.
  • Collaboration – This is where Blogs, Articles(not KB),all of our Discussion areas (See below for more info), Tools (including Expedition and Best Practice Assessment-BPA), Dev Center, QuickPlay Solutions (formerly known as Skillets). Customer and Cyber Elite. We even have our own dedicated Japan community. You can also find Links to Fuel User Group and more.
  • Education Services - A newly expanded Education area to assist you in all of your education related questions. Please see below for those features.
  • Technologies – Individual pages dedicated to all of the Palo Alto Networks family of products: Strata, Prisma and Cortex, as well as Hub and Enterprise DLP.
    • Strata Suite (Next-Generation Firewall, GlobalProtect, Threat Prevention, EndPoint, SSL Decryption, 5G, IoT Security and Prisma SD-WAN)
    • Prisma Suite (Access, SaaS, Public Cloud, CN-Series and VM-Series: Alibaba, AWS, GCP, Azure)
    • Cortex Suite (XDR, XSOAR and Data Lake)
  • Resources – All of the resources that you need to solve your cybersecurity needs. Please see below for those features.

Smarter Search



A novel concept, right? Our search engine uses artificial intelligence to produce the most relevant results and suggested solutions for our end users. Through federated search across our blogs, knowledge base articles, technical documents, and discussions, machine learning continually curates all information for the best answers and information needed.

Just look for the search on the top of every page.


Expanded Education Services Area


The Education Services area continues to expand with areas that includes the following sections:



Explore the new Education Services area and learn how you can become a certified cybersecurity professional.


Faster, Improved Discussion Forums



Our Discussion forums are larger than ever and have been significantly enhanced since launching LIVEcommunity years ago. With this new release, we have expanded the discussion area to now include the following areas:



With each of these areas, you can see the latest threads, including the number of Likes and count of contributions a post has to help you figure out what’s hot and what’s not. Within each thread, you now have three options:

  • Like – Like posts that you find interesting or just want to show your support.
  • Me Too – The “Me Too” option allows others to note that they have had a similar question.
  • Accept as a Solution – This option appears next to every response, allowing others to see that the answer provided helped resolve the question. This helps build knowledge in the LIVEcommunity and helps others find answers quickly to questions.

These simple actions only take a second, but they also help build a vibrant community.

New Resources Area



Resources are always important to help learn and solve questions and issues, so we expanded our resources to now include links to the following external areas:

  • Beacon - This area is where you can learn and expand your knowledge of all Palo Alto Networks solutions. Everything from instructor led training to certifications.
  • Knowledge Base – Our Knowledge Base has been expanded and improved. From newer and updated documents to translation options available for every article.
  • Support Portal (CSP) – The Customer Support Portal helps you to manage your devices, gain access to support, access the Best Practice Assessment tool, and utilize many other resources available to customers.
  • TechDocs – This is the main Technical Documentation page that holds an abundance of great admin guides, white papers, release notes, and much more.
  • Cyberpedia – A wonderful online cyber resource of articles that covers topics such as cybersecurity, Threat, Ransomware, EndPoint Protection, DataCenter, Network Security, Firewall, GDPR Compliance, and even two-minute Threat Briefs.
  • Applipedia – An online version of the same Applipedia inside of the Web Interface.
  • Security Advisories– This is the place to come for the latest news from the Product Security Incident Response Team at Palo Alto Networks.
  • Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) – The Security Lifecycle Review summarizes the business and security risks facing an organization, providing an opportunity to review the findings and take joint action on them during an initial evaluation or as part of a regular visibility and security checkup.
  • Threat DB (Threat Vault) – An Online Threat Database that helps correlate threat names and allows you to see where we have coverage.
  • Unit 42 – Unit 42 is the global threat intelligence team at Palo Alto Networks that delivers high-quality, in-depth research on adversaries, malware families and attack campaigns.

Leave Feedback

Do you have feedback for us? Do you like what you see or have ideas on how to improve LIVEcommunity? If so, please Tell Us What You Think by visiting the Community Feedback Forum


Thanks for visiting! We look forward to seeing you be a part of LIVEcommunity.


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