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Cloud NGFW for AWS Discussions



Hi I am trying to deploy Cloud NGFW for AWS using Terraform, but seems to be going around in circles. 


I have a simple provider config:

provider "cloudngfwaws" {
  arn                     = "arn:aws:iam::123456789:role/cloudngfwaws"


Generated Certificate Not Showing

Running PAN OS 10.2.2-h2 and generated a certificate. The cert doesn't display in the gui under Device Certificates. I created it again and it said that there are duplicate certificates now. I am new to Palo and not sure how else I can go about viewi


mjgrlg72 by L1 Bithead
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Free AWS cloud firewall training!

Hello to all on the youtube channel for the live community there is a free training for the AWS Cloud Firewall. You can also schedule a workshop for the Palo Alto Networks + AWS Immersion Day events if want to play with the service a little more:



Resolved! Servicenow - palo alto discovery


would like to intergate palo and service now discovery module to pull palo's devices into CMDB.

below is link that i came across , and asking for snmp credentials, so just provide them community string to service now team ?



Can't delete aws account

Same issue as There's no movement on this thread


I deleted all the FMS firewalls.


I'm subscribed to Premium support and I can'