A Sneak Peek at the Enhanced LIVEcommunity Experience

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A Sneak Peek at the Enhanced LIVEcommunity ExperienceA Sneak Peek at the Enhanced LIVEcommunity Experience



In case you missed it, last week we announced some exciting changes coming to the LIVEcommunity! As you continue to leverage the LIVEcommunity to find best practices, solutions and tools, and for sharing ideas and engaging with your peers, it’s important to us that we provide more details around this new enhanced experience and what it will mean for you.


A Sneak Peek: 


Now that you know what’s coming, we are sure you’re wondering what these changes are going to look like. Well, we are here to share a sneak peek with you of the new enhanced experience and what you will be seeing very soon. Let’s take a look: 


A Redesigned Homepage:


Last week we shared the reasons “why” and one of those is to enhance the user interface to help meet your needs. Highlighted in orange text boxes below, you will see a new redesign of the current homepage! These enhancements will give you a more personalized experience around your activity and participation on LIVEcommunity, and also make it easier for you to search content and start a conversation. Many of you have shared great feedback through our Community Experience Survey, and one common piece of feedback that we’ve received has been around easier navigation to find helpful content, start conversations, and find answers, which led to these enhancements.


LIVEcommunity homepageLIVEcommunity homepage


Trending Conversations: 


There will also be a new rotating area on the homepage all around trending topics, where you will be able to learn about the most popular conversations you and your community peers are having. There are a lot of great and valuable topics you all care about and are happening in the community. We want to bring those to light front and center so that you are aware and can join the conversations.


Trending conversationsTrending conversations


Events You Need to Know About:


We recently announced the launch of digital events and even had our first Ask Me Anything (AMA) event last week! Not only are more digital events coming soon, but there will be a new dedicated area on the homepage (see orange box below) with a calendar of events so that you are in the know about all upcoming events, and can participate in any or all of them. 


Digital events calendarDigital events calendar



Interactive events on LIVEcommunityInteractive events on LIVEcommunity




A Look at Interactive Events: 


With our first interactive event happening this month (more information coming soon), here’s a sneak peek of the interactive event  area. You will be able to see featured guests for this event, RSVP ahead of time, and even invite others. We have a blog focused on our first interactive event coming very soon, so stay tuned!







What To Be On the Lookout For:


The LIVEcommunity elevated journey is currently scheduled to launch April 21! We hope this sneak peek has you excited and gave you a better sense of what to expect in the next week. There are other enhancements being added that were not mentioned today, so stay tuned next week as we will be sharing all the details.


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