AIOps for NGFW New Features and Enhancements Update: September 2022

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We’re proud to announce the availability of AIOps for NGFW 2.0 to help customers improve the efficiency, health, performance and maximize their security posture. This release includes new features, such as increased ability to visualize and report the interplay between users, applications and threats across their entire deployment.


Here are some key features part of the AIOps for NGFW 2.0 release:


1. With AIOps for NGFW 2.0 Free, customers can continually assess how well their NGFW configs adhere to Palo Alto Networks best practice recommendations with Proactive Best Practice Assessments. BPA contains 200 best practice checks that also align with CIS’s Critical Security Controls (CSC). With AIOps for NGFW - Premium, customers can get the assessment on the candidate config before committing a change on Panorama, so the config is always in line with best practice recommendations. 




2. Maximize your security outcomes with the Adoption of Security Capabilities and Subscriptions: This feature in AIOps for NGFW - Free maximizes the ROI on your security investment by tracking the adoption lifecycle of the configured NGFW features and PAN-OS security services. 




3. Avoid a business disruption due to Certificate Expiry: Several features on your firewall use certificates to authenticate the network session. Failure to detect an upcoming certificate that needs renewal puts that feature at risk, potentially causing a business interruption. AIOps for NGFW - Premium will proactively alert you to the upcoming renewal and determine what feature is at risk, helping prioritize the renewals. 




4. Patch your firewalls on time and with high confidence, with precise Vulnerability detection capabilities: The improved vulnerability detection factors in the features enabled in the config to precisely identify impacted firewalls, thus reducing overall alert volume and prioritizing remediation. 




5. The causality chain displays all the entities that WildFire identified in the attack. The chain also shows their relationships and details on actions and behaviors to facilitate analysis of an incident(s). They display process milestones to validate the operations and detection reasons for classifying a file.


All these features are available for you to see in the AIOps Premium version. Check out the latest AIOps for NGFW release notes now. Not activated your free instance of AIOps for NGFW yet? Here’s how to get started with AIOps for NGFW


Co-author: Viswesh Ananthakrishnan (@Viswesh



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