App-IDs for October 2019

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Cyber Elite

Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity covers the details of new App-IDs. Learn which new App-IDs are being released in October 2019. Customers can view a complete list with details. Determine whether a new functional App-ID affects your security policy structure. Find the answers you need here in the LIVEcommunity.

App-IDs for October 2019App-IDs for October 2019



Please review the new App-IDs and their full descriptions located in the Customer Resources: New App-IDs for September 17 Release.


We encourage Palo Alto Networks customers to understand the new applications and decide if you'd like to enable the new apps in your policy.


In this announcement:

  • Understand if you will get visibility and control for an application heavily used in your environment.
  • Determine whether a new functional App-ID for an existing application affects your security policy structure.
    • We are adding popular application cloud-based file storage applications in sync
    • We are adding betternetvpn, to catch the evasive behavior of this App-ID

New Applications (6)

Name Description
balbix Balbix BreachControl platform uses specialized AI algorithms to discover and analyze the enterprise attack surface to give a 100x more accurate view of breach risk. Sensors, connectors, and collectors deployed across your network continuously discover and monitor the devices, apps, and users across 100+ attack vectors.
betternetvpn Betternet VPN is a totally free service that allows you to unblock all filtered websites in your country, surf the web anonymously and access geo-restricted content everywhere.
monday is a team management application. It excels at work management, delivering highly flexible planning and tracking capabilities.
stanag-4406 STANAG 4406 is the NATO standard for Military Messaging based on X.400. STANAG 4406 defines a number of functional and security features to support formal military messaging. It is particularly important for High Grade Messaging, where features of X.400 to support high reliability are used. This AppID identify the traffic for stanag-4406 military messaging over P772 Message traffic.
stanag-5066 STANAG 5066 (Profile for High Frequency (HF) Radio Data Communication) is a NATO Standardization Agreement specification to enable applications to communicate efficiently over HF radio. STANAG 5066 provides peer protocols that operate above an HF modem and below the application level. STANAG 5066 includes the mandatory SIS (Subnet Interface Sublayer) protocol that enables an application to connect to an HF modem through a STANAG 5066 server over TCP/IP. This AppID identify the traffic for stanag-5066 protocol.
sync Sync is used to store, share and access files. This app identifies the traffic from sync from web application and desktop client.
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