AutoFocus 2.0 New Enhancements

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AutoFocus 2.0 New EnhancementsAutoFocus 2.0 New Enhancements

Palo Alto Networks introduces new enhancements with the release of AutoFocus 2.0. See how the new User Interface and new user-defined EDL and URL lists to enhance the user experience, making it easier for admins to find the options they need. Got questions? Get answers on LIVEcommunity.



AutoFocus 2.0 has just been released and that includes some new features that I am going to tell you all about.


At Palo Alto Networks, we work really hard to make the best software and hardware possible to give you the best chance at maintaining your secure posture. We've listen to feedback and made AutoFocus 2.0 better than before. 


What's New in AutoFocus 2.0?

AutoFocus has been refreshed with an updated user interface and now sports a new look and feel that is more consistent with other Palo Alto Networks products.
Dashboard view of AutoFocus 2.0Dashboard view of AutoFocus 2.0


AutoFocus 2.0 gives you the ability to create user-defined EDL and URL lists based on the collective threat intelligence data of AutoFocus that is connected Palo Alto Networks services. This generates customized EDL and URL lists with actionable threat data for firewalls as well as third-party TIP and SIEM solutions, so you can better safeguard your network.


The AutoFocus 2.0 search has been streamlined to provide faster and easier results. Previously, AutoFocus offered five search contexts, each providing unique insights into specific aspects of threat intelligence data.
AutoFocus 2.0 Sample Search Results.AutoFocus 2.0 Sample Search Results.


More Info

For a complete breakdown of the new features inside of AutoFocus 2.0, including all the details on the new AutoFocus portal, please see the new guide here:


AutoFocus What's New Guide

Get Started with AutoFocus


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