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World Backup Day 2021 is a reminder to make a copy of your valued data.World Backup Day 2021 is a reminder to make a copy of your valued data.


Today is March 31, 2021 and it’s also the annual day dedicated to spreading the word about the importance of backing up your data: World Backup Day 2021.


The LIVEcommunity Team here at Palo Alto Networks has been excitedly looking forward to our upcoming digital events and other cool stuff coming your way, but it would not be like us to fail to remind you of World Backup Day and spend a few moments sharing our thoughts about keeping your data safe, intact and accessible!


What is World Backup Day?


It’s a day that highlights the importance of protecting data, and this is its 10th anniversary observance! World Backup Day began in 2011 and was sponsored by tech companies that would be happy to sell you products or services to help you do your backup! Over the last decade, though, it’s grown into an educational day that helps us all remember -- and remind each other -- of how important it is to get into the habit of backing up valuable and meaningful files.


Why Should You Back That Beautiful Data Up?


Why? Well, because it’s honestly pretty easy to lose your mobile phone, or have your laptop stolen, or even have an accident at home that causes HDD or SSD failure.


The backups you make today of your important files, whether those are your family photos, home videos, documents or emails. We don’t know what you value most, but we back up all of our favorite memes! Leave a comment below if you’d like to find out what’s on our LIVEcommunity “Meme Team” backup drive.


One Consideration: Cost


What would you call priceless? We ask that question because storage devices keep getting cheaper and cheaper per GB and TB. (See ya soon, petabytes!)


Meanwhile, your data, whether it’s the digital recordings of your kids when they were babies or the research paper you just wrote for your first going-back-for-your-Master’s course, often is irreplaceable.


In other words, your data is usually just as important and valuable as the cost of the backup system you need.


Let’s Do This!


Ok, community members, celebrate World Backup Day 2021 by making a second copy of everything you wouldn’t want to lose. Whether you use a cloud backup service, a hard disk or Flash memory drive, or even use today as a starting point for improving your organization’s data backup policies, you’ll feel better knowing that you can recover the stuff that really matters to you.


Additional Resources


Enterprise Data Loss Prevention - Palo Alto Networks brings you the industry’s first cloud-delivered Enterprise DLP that consistently protects sensitive data across all networks, clouds and users.



Happy World Backup Day! What are you backing up? Don’t forget to Like this if you find it helpful, and Subscribe to the Blog area so you'll never miss another fresh blog!

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