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Yet again the LIVEcommunity comes bearing gifts! By revamping and updating our pages, we want to make sure that your information needs are met and the latest and greatest news is available when you're coming back for more! Today I would like to share with you the new Customer Journey Guides on the LIVEcommunity Cortex XDR and Cortex XSOAR technology pages! Continue reading to learn more about these new pages on LIVEcommunity.


What's New?

The Cortex XDR and XSOAR technology page now have an extra section called Customer Journey Guide which is available for customers only!




As you can see from the screenshot above, each section has several menu items to browse through, depending on how far you have traveled along the customer journey.


Need help getting started? That's exactly where the Kickoff menu can help you! The abundance of useful links and videos should get you started in no time! The Setup section will guide you through the Setup stage of your journey. Need help with the configuration or setting up OKTA? Then go to Configuration section where you can find many links on setup and configuration! Further down the Customer Journey Guide you will find the Integration links with videos and links about this stage of your journey! Last but not least you'll find the Scale & Optimize section where you will find many useful links for this stage of your journey!


So if you haven't already done so, bookmark the Cortex XDR and Cortex XSOAR Technology pages, add to your favorites and spread the word!


Please also take note of the upcoming Cortex XDR Ask Me Anything (AMA) event!

In this Ask Me Anything session, we will field questions regarding alert tuning, including how your SOC team can use it to avoid alert fatigue, quickly prioritize alerts, and triage priority or high severity incidents to keep your company safe.



DATE & TIME OF AMA DISCUSSION: 5/4 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. PDT


Join us to ask questions, meet our experts and learn about alert tuning best practices for Cortex XDR! We will have a full blog post with details about this very soon.



Thanks for taking time to read this blog.
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Kiwi out!

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