Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month

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Latinx Heritage MonthLatinx Heritage Month

Join the LIVEcommunity in celebrating Latinx Heritage month!

Veronica Jowers, Manager of LIVEcommunityVeronica Jowers, Manager of LIVEcommunity


I’m very excited and grateful that we have an opportunity to connect with you, the LIVEcommunity, sharing stories, celebrating, and learning more together. Please join us as we kick off and celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with a blog series and other activities. 


National Latinx Heritage Month is a period from September 15 to October 15 where we recognize the contributions and influence of Latinx individuals to the culture and achievements of the United States.


We are honored to share this series with some special guests and bring their stories to you. Here’s who will be joining us from Palo Alto Networks and excited for you to get to know. 

    • Patricia Hatter - SVP Global Customer Services
    • Hugo Arenas - Sr. Treasury Analyst and Lead for Juntos, the Palo Alto Networks Latinx Employee Network Group
    • Stephanie Carlos - Risk Management Operations Manager and President of Juntos, the Palo Alto Networks Latinx Employee Network Group
    • Alejandra Galindo - Social Media and Programs Specialist 

As I think about my own journey and experience as a Latina, this month represents a great deal to me as this culture is such a big part of who I am. From the value of family, hospitality, perseverance, never give up attitude through my work ethic. These are just a few of the core aspects that I learned and my family and Latin culture have modeled for me. 


In my career journey, Latin culture has been a huge influence. I’ve found leveraging a second language to connect and build relationships is part of this influence. I’d like to attribute the approach of leading with a servant’s heart, giving back, we rise by lifting others, is part of that influence too.  It’s part of my leadership style, mentoring others, seeking roles where a big part is collaboration orchestration and partnerships. It’s all around part of who I am. 


One of the traditions passed down from my family that has stuck with me and I continue to pass down to my family and friends is hospitality and that everyone is welcomed. We always shared meals together, we never knew who would show up and I just knew that there was always plenty to share and our door was always open for a warm meal, a listening ear, a place to rest or to celebrate life. The sound of my grandmother saying ‘Mi Casa es Su Casa’ (My House is Your House) still resonates with our family today and my hope is that my children continue to carry that forth with their family and friends. 


In the spirit of continuing to pay it forward, I participate with the Latina Coalition Silicon Valley organization and our own Palo Alto Networks Latinx Network - Juntos. They both represent meeting and building supportive relationships, building up and mentoring the next wave of leaders. It's a way to give back to the community by educating, mobilizing and actively engaging in topics that are important. 


We have a full month dedicated to bringing you a series of great stories, ways to connect, and engage in the LIVEcommunity and with Palo Alto Networks. 


Let’s celebrate the Latinx Heritage Month together! 


Make sure to like, share, and comment. What are you most looking forward to in celebration of Latinx Heritage Month? 


Thank you for stopping by! Look forward to seeing you in and around the community. 


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