Configure External Dynamic Lists (EDL) Video Tutorial

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Palo Alto Networks presents a great video tutorial about how to configure External Dynamic Lists (EDL) to help block COVID-19 related domains that can harm your network. Learn more on LIVEcommunity!



How To Configure External Dynamic Lists (EDL) Video Tutorial

Over the years, one topic has consistently come up: What are External Dynamic Lists (EDL) or sometimes refer to as External Block Lists (EBL)?


I've got good news for you! Ryan Pere, SLED at Palo Alto Networks, has created a great video tutorial that talks all about how to configure External Dynamic Lists.  When I asked about the reasoning behind the video, here's what Ryan had to say:


"My customers commonly ask me for any information on fresh threats that come out. I've shown a lot of my customers how to ingest EDLs. I have made a video on how to create a simple Domain List EDL and apply it to a Spyware profile in order to block COVID-19 related domains via the cyber threat collation IoCs ("


Inside of this video, Ryan covers:

  • How to configure EDLs
  • Where to use them
  • Tips and tricks
  • Some ways to troubleshoot


How to use External Dynamic Lists (EDL) Tutorial


Thanks Ryan for this great video tutorial, and I hope that everyone learns from this.


Keep an eye open for more great webinars and tutorials coming from the LIVEcommunity. And don't forget to checkout all of the videos that we have on our YouTube Channel here: Palo Alto Networks LIVEcommunity YouTube Channel


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