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Exciting new Cortex Data Lake updates are here! You’ll now be able to take advantage of the onboarding, quota management, exploring, and log forwarding functionality in one consolidated Cortex Data Lake application.


This upgrade has the following changes:

  • The Quota Manager app functionality has moved into the Storage tab. Select Configuration and adjust the storage allocated for each log type.
  • The firewall onboarding functionality from the Quota Manager app has moved under the Devices tab. Here you can view your available Panorama and firewall devices or generate onboarding keys for them.
  • Explore app functionality has moved into the Explore tab. Search, filter and export logs directly within the Cortex Data Lake app.
  • Log Forwarding app functionality has moved into the Log Forwarding tab. The Log Forwarding interface now has a new, simplified design that makes it easier to configure Syslog and email profiles to forward your Cortex Data Lake log data.





We’re here to answer any questions you may have about this new Cortex Data Lake evolution, and check out the latest TechDocs for even more info.


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