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From calculating ROI to the latest in PAN-S, check out this edition of VM-Series and CN-Series NewsFrom calculating ROI to the latest in PAN-S, check out this edition of VM-Series and CN-Series News


Spring is about to arrive and our software firewalls are budding with new capabilities. In this edition of our VM-Series and CN-Series firewalls update, you’ll learn about an interactive calculator designed to help you understand your VM-Series ROI. Plus we’ve got news about Nebula—PAN-OS 10.2—and ways to boost both scaling and onboarding and to ramp up throughput. We look at our flexible consumption model getting more flexible and you’ll find news about CN-Series Red Hat OpenShift certification, links to best practices for defending against Log4J, and much, much more. 


Interactive Calculator Helps You See Your VM-Series ROI

What’s your virtualized security potential? Some organizations have reported close to 115% return on investment (ROI) over three years with a six-month payback period using VM-Series virtual firewalls. Find out how your organization fares with an interactive ROI calculator that is based on a Forrester Consulting study: The Total Economic Impact™ of VM-Series Virtual Firewalls.


The study reveals how our industry-leading virtual firewall pays for itself! Just answer a few short questions and you’re on your way to seeing massive savings and security potential and helping other stakeholders in your organization to understand the burning need for virtualized security.  


Check Out These Nebula Highlights

PAN-OS 10.2 was announced! We’re calling this the Nebula release and it includes a constellation of significant updates and upgrades for VM-Series and CN-Series firewalls. Highlights include:


  • Elastic Memory Profile Boosts Scaling—With PAN-OS 10.2, the maximum number of sessions and capacity supported on an individual VM-Series firewall scales with the increase in the amount of memory allocated to each VM-Series instance.
  • Auto Content Push Makes Onboarding Easier—Eliminate the operational overhead required to regenerate your VM-Series and CN-Series firewall images with the latest content updates. Enable this feature to automatically push content updates when onboarding new VM-Series and CN-Series firewalls to the Panorama management server. When leveraging Auto Scale, you can maintain existing dynamic content (such as for policy rules using App-ID) in image configurations.
  • Megascale Software Firewalls Boost Throughput—For environments that require high throughput software firewalls, we now support up to 64 vCPUs in VM-Series and up to 47 vCPU in CN-Series across both private and public clouds.


Find more details that span our security portfolio here.


See How Software NGFW Credits Keep Getting More Flexible

We keep improving our groundbreaking credits model for VM-Series and CN-Series firewalls to add more ways to provide you with real-world flexibility, Which is why we’re pleased to announce: 


  • Non-Disruptive Panorama Migration to Software NGFW CreditsYou can now move your existing Panorama appliances to the FW-Flex license without disruption and while retaining your existing serial number. Migration steps are detailed here.
  • Add New Subscriptions to Your Existing Firewall with Software NGFW CreditsIf you have already deployed VM-Series firewalls using a legacy bundle or VM-ELA license, you can now purchase Software NFGW credits to activate security subscriptions of your choice in your existing deployment.


Leverage CN-Series Operator Red Hat OpenShift Certification

CN-Series firewalls are now available on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Operator Hub and you can rapidly deploy, configure, and operate these container firewalls directly from Red Hat Operator Hub, which saves time and reduces complexity.


Watch Demos About Defending Against Log4J

This should be a top-of-mind item for security leaders and practitioners. That’s why we’ve assembled Log4J Demo videos that explore why deploying Palo Alto Networks ML-Powered NGFWs—together with Cloud-Delivered Security Servicesis your best in-depth defense against the Log4J vulnerability. This introductory video is a great place to start.


Get VM-Series Firewalls Up and Running Quickly on Oracle Cloud 

Creating and managing a VM-Series firewall configuration on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a snap when you use Panorama. The results? Reduced administrator workload and improved security posture. But this Oracle infrastructure blog also explains how to get consistent configuration for both public clouds and on-premises environments, along with visibility into traffic via a single console. 


Got Public Cloud Expertise? Your Insights Encouraged

If you are interested in trying out a new way to use VM-Series firewalls on AWS and are willing to provide feedback, contact us at aws@paloaltonetworks.com. Your participation and insight will help us continue to hone our public cloud security.  


Tell Your Story!

Interested in telling your stories, sharing insights, and influencing the future of cybersecurity? 

Join the Palo Alto Networks Champions program—get started here!


See What You May Have Missed

Last calendar year saw VM-Series virtual firewalls and CN-Series container firewalls adding more and more capabilities. If you missed our 2021 year-in-review update, take a look now to find out how the evolution of our industry-leading software firewalls keeps meeting real-world network security challenges. 


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