Enhanced LIVEcommunity Experience: What Do You Think So Far?

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Enhanced LIVEcommunity ExperienceEnhanced LIVEcommunity Experience


In April, the LIVEcommunity received an interface revamp to help our users navigate and engage on the platform seamlessly and with ease.


The enhanced LIVEcommunity experience now includes Featured Posts, Trending Conversations, and Community Activity areas on the homepage, as well as an Events Calendar. These new sections help members like you better interact with news, ongoing discussions, our experts, and each other as the vibrant ecosystem of LIVEcommunity continues to grow.


New to the LIVEcommunity: Digital Events


The LIVEcommunity team also just started hosting digital events—something we're really excited about. Our first interactive event with Nick Curtis (@DawgsFan) and Chadd Christensen (@cchristiansen) happened late April, but you can still catch the Best Practice Assessment (BPA) tool webinar by clicking the link. We also hosted an Ask Me Anything Q&A session with Cortex experts Greg Jenkins @gjenkins  and Ziv Solomon @zsolomon on XDR Alert Tuning on May 4. We hope you've enjoyed these digital events so far!


Upcoming Interactive Event:


Our third live event is coming up on June 3 with the GlobalProtect team; stay tuned for more details in the next couple of weeks.


What Digital Event Would You Like to See Next?


As we continue leveraging Digital Events as a way to share knowledge and engage with all of you, we want to know: What topic would you be interested in us covering? Is it Prisma Access? Next-Generation Firewall? Expedition? Let us know in the comment section down below.


We'd Love Your Feedback!


We love providing you with a forum where you can post questions, find answers, and engage with other cybersecurity professionals. That’s why we are constantly pushing forward and positioning ourselves for the future—not just in our products but in the LIVEcommunity platform as well. See something on LIVEcommunity you love? Let us know in the comments below. Got a critique or suggestion on how we can improve? Even better—we especially want to hear from you!


A few of you have already posted your feedback; thank you for sharing. To all of our LIVECommunity users, don’t be shy: 


  • What do you like most about the new experience? 
  • What other enhancements would you like to see? 
  • What area do you leverage the most? 

This is just the beginning for LIVEcommunity! Thank you for being a valuable customer and community member. Your engagement and input means everything to us. 


If you’d like to know more about the recent updates, please read our blog on the Enhanced LIVEcommunity Experience.

We encourage you to check our updated FAQ page if you have any questions.


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