Exciting Changes to Help Manage Support Cases

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Contribution written by: @PA_RIX0R


Exciting Changes to Help Manage Support Cases

We have made some exciting changes to how you can manage your support case within the Customer Support Portal (CSP).  Please continue reading to find out more about these changes


We started with the goal of providing a better all around Case Management experience.  We have added a new feature, relocated some options, and renamed an option.  


New Features 

We have added a "Manage your Case" tab to the interface. This will be the home for actions that you can take while your case is open. 


The features under this tab are: 

  • Request a Case Update (NEW)
  • Change Case Severity
  • Request to Close Case

These options are located in "sub-tabs" on the page for a clear and clean look. The actions are consolidated together for ease of use.  


Relocated Actions 

The Case Actions button has been removed. While convenient, the functions in this button were redundant. As we have added additional functionality to manage your case, it made sense to relocate the Case Management features, which were under that Case Actions button. You can now locate the Case Management features in their respective tabs in the case view. This button was not available in mobile view, therefore, this change also enhances CSP interactions from mobile devices. 


The Request RMA Information button has also been moved to the RMA Tab. If your case results in an RMA, this tab will appear and information related to the RMA will be contained within this tab.


Renamed Actions

The Add Subscribers/Watchers option has been consolidated under the "Subscribers" tab. This tab should always be present and used to subscribe other individuals to receive information regarding the specific case.  


Case view with the newly added Case Management tab highlightedCase view with the newly added Case Management tab highlighted

 For more details on these changes, please visit the Knowledge Base Article about these changes, How to Manage Your Support Case



As always, we suggest that new cases be created online, and followed up with a phone call referencing the case number, if they are critical. If you need more information on Support Cases, please see the following references: 

Customer Support Made Simple! - LIVE Series

Support Portal User Documents


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