FAQ: What is the Recommended PAN-OS Version?

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Hello there, 


As a former Technical Support Engineer, one question I was often asked was "What version of PAN-OS do you recommend?"  Unsurprisingly, this question also comes up on a regular basis as a LIVEcommunity discussion.


Luckily, the answer is easy to find—Palo Alto Networks' support engineers have a Support PAN-OS Software Release Guidance article located in LIVEcommunity's Customer Resources area.


(In order to view this resource, be sure to sign-in with your customer credentials, as it requires customer rights to view.)



Recommended versions article detailing out the current recommended versionsRecommended versions article detailing out the current recommended versions



The Support PAN-OS Software Release Guidance article is constantly updated with every new revision. It lists out all of the currently supported versions of PAN-OS, Release Dates, and what version is Support Preferred. 


The article covers the following products:


  • PAN-OS for Firewalls
  • Panorama on VM / M-series
  • GlobalProtect
  • User-ID / Terminal Server Agent


That article is reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure that it remains up-to-date with the latest information on the recommended version of the latest software.


In the article, you'll also find links to the latest Security Advisories, as well as recommended versions for Updated Prisma Access Software Release Guidance.


I hope that this helps someone find the information that they need!


Thanks for taking time to read my blog.
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Stay Secure,
Joe Delio
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