Free Digital Courses Added to Beacon in June 2022

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These are the free product trainings added to Beacon, Palo Alto Networks learning platform, in June 2022.These are the free product trainings added to Beacon, Palo Alto Networks learning platform, in June 2022.


Did you know that Palo Alto Networks regularly publishes free educational resources for customers?


Each month, new technical trainings are released to help customers confidently install, deploy, and optimize their Palo Alto Networks products. Learn more about BeaconPalo Alto Networks' online hub for courses and credentialing, on LIVEcommunity's Education Services page.


Here are all the free digital trainings published to Beacon in June 2022:


Prisma Cloud: Agentless Scanning

Length: 30 minutes 


This course describes how both agent and agentless scanning with Prisma Cloud can improve cloud workloads protection.


Best Practice Assessment Tool: Prisma Access Health Check

Length: 5 minutes


The Prisma Access Health Check report is a Best Practice Assessment (BPA) feature that is available for Prisma Access users. This feature identifies Prisma Access's strengths and weaknesses and helps you identify where the action is needed.


Prisma SD-WAN 6.0.1: What's New

Length: 20 minutes


This Prisma SD-WAN course provides an overview of new features and enhancements, including user-interface left-hand navigation, new MSP Portal, 6.0.1 feature support, support for carrier IPv6, ION 3K device as a data center, converged App-ID, and multicast routing on WAN interfaces.


Cortex XDR: XQL Syntax Basics

Length: 25 minutes


This Cortex XDR course describes the XDR Query Language (XQL) fundamentals and the different sections of the XQL development environment in the management console. The course also describes how you can create and run basic XQL queries.


Cortex XDR: XQL Building Blocks

Length: 30 minutes


Learn about XDR Query Language (XQL) building blocks in this course, which explains the role of stages in XQL queries, how you can write XQL queries containing stages, and how stage order matters in XQL.


Cortex XDR 3.3: What's New

Length: 20 minutes


This course describes the new features introduced in Cortex XDR 3.3. This release introduced several new features, such as the ability to create agent tokens, create endpoint tags, and validate hashes against VirusTotal. The release also introduced features that allow you to retrieve endpoint support files from the console, set new critical alert severity, enable or disable case sensitivity in XQL, and set block list overrides. 


Prisma Cloud Application Profiling

Length: 30 minutes


This course describes how Prisma Cloud Application Profiling creates recommended rulesets and automates security into your application development workflow.


Next-Generation Firewall: Enterprise Data Loss Prevention 

Length: 45 minutes


Enterprise DLP by Palo Alto Networks is a comprehensive cloud-delivered enterprise data loss prevention solution that discovers, monitors, and protects sensitive data across every network, cloud, and user. This course also includes DLP configuration and monitoring using Data Filtering logs.


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