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In today's digital landscape, where remote work and connectivity are the new norm, organizations require robust and secure solutions to enable seamless access to their networks, resources, and the internet. Check out how some of the latest features introduced in GlobalProtect 6.2 excel at accomplishing exactly that!


Conditional Connect Method for Global Protect

The Conditional Connect Method is a game-changing feature that dynamically adjusts the connection method based on the user's location. This means that users on the internal network can enjoy an "Always On" mode, ensuring continuous protection, while remote users are only required to connect when accessing private applications. Take a look at the Configure Conditional Connect Method Based on Network Type in the GlobalProtect Admin Guide for more details. 

Enhanced Split Tunnel Configuration


You can now host an XML file with all the split tunneling configuration you desire. This file is hosted on a web server that your GlobalProtect endpoints can access. This allows you to modify your split-tunnel settings without having to modify the configuration on the GlobalProtect gateway. 


Prisma Access Explicit Proxy Connectivity in GlobalProtect for Always-On Internet Security


By leveraging Prisma Access Proxy Mode, organizations can centralize and strengthen their internet security measures, ensuring that all user traffic is subjected to continuous internet-security inspection and seamless co-existence with third-party VPNs. You can configure a proxy-auto-configuration (PAC) file to send traffic through Prisma Access, the GlobalProtect Gateway, or utilize the split tunnel configuration. forwarding rules in a PAC file  Check out the two new modes GlobalProtect provides: Proxy Mode & Tunnel and Proxy Mode.


If you'd like to learn about all the features GlobalProtect 6.2 provides, the release notes are worth a read!


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