GlobalProtect and Prisma Access during COVID-19

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COVID-19, GlobalProtect, Prisma Access, and Working From HomeCOVID-19, GlobalProtect, Prisma Access, and Working From Home


Leveraging GlobalProtect and Prisma Access during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Joe from the LIVEcommunity here. I wanted to post a blog about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to stay secure online. With this dangerous virus going around, everybody's health and safety is our utmost concern, both in person and online.


In person, washing your hands (frequently), using hand sanitizers, and trying not to touch your face with unclean hands (I see you doing it now) are all ways to stay safe and healthy.


Online, more people are working from home (telecommuting). Just like being safe in the real world, a VPN is a necessity to keep your data safe and secure when doing your work online or on any public network. Palo Alto Networks has a couple products that can help keep you secure online — GlobalProtect and Prisma Access.


Here is what you need to know

GlobalProtect is the built-in VPN solution for our Strata (firewall) suite. Every next-generation firewall is designed to support always-on, secure access with GlobalProtect. As your mobile workforce grows, we are here for all of your needs. Our sales staff is available to help scale your needs for more hardware capacity.


Prisma Access (formerly known as GlobalProtect Cloud Service) is our globally distributed cloud service that can automatically scale  for your remote workforce. It offers the same security functionality as our next-generation firewalls, but without the need to deploy new infrastructure.


Maintain business continuity while Prisma Access auto-scales to wherever capacity is needed. Prisma Access customers who need additional capacity for unanticipated spikes from mobile users can now enjoy no additional cost for 90 days. One of the advantages of using Prisma Access is that you do not need to deploy any new hardware to expand your capacity. We are offering free accelerated deployment and on-boarding of remote users.


Go to the Prisma Access self-help page


Again, for any existing Prisma Access customers, we will be giving additional capacity to address increased usage at no additional cost for 90 days.


Our commitment is to support you in any way possible to help rapidly deploy a secure mobile workforce. To learn more, please contact our sales and support team at



Secure Access Control for Mobile Users Webcast


Learn more about using GlobalProtect for secure access control for mobile users in the webcast above. Hosted by Karin Shopen, Product Marketing Director; Sarvesh Rao, Senior Product Manager; and Ron Dodge, Senior Director, IT Security. There is also a Q&A Session at the end of the video.


More Information


In case you have been too busy to notice, but the LIVEcommunity has created a special Covid-19 Response Center to help address everyone's questions about GlobalProtect and Prisma Access. Check it out here: 

Covid-19 Response Center 


If you are having any issues and want to ask the LIVEcommunity,  I have created 2 discussions in the discussion forums:

General Topics area for Covid-19 and GlobalProtect

GlobalProtect, Working from Home, Prisma Access and Covid-19


Prisma Access area for Covid-19 and Prisma Access

Prisma Access, Working from Home and Covid-19



GlobalProtect Overview and Step-by-Step Setup Guides

GlobalProtect Overview


Nikesh's Blog

Palo Alto Networks CEO, Nikesh Arora, has put out a blog about how to 
Securely Connect and Scale Remote Workforces.


Beacon Information on GlobalProtect and Prisma Access

GlobalProtect-app on Beacon
Prisma on Beacon


Self Help Resources

For a list of configuration and troubleshooting articles, please see: 

GlobalProtect Resource List on Configuring and Troubleshooting.


For Prisma Access resources for troubleshooting and discussions please see:


Day 1 Configuration Video

The Day 1 Configuration tool can help speed up the basic configuration of your firewall. For information about the Day 1 Configuration tool, please review our video on YouTube about Day 1 Configuration Tool.


The LIVEcommunity is here to try to help you get the answers that you need.


Thanks for taking time to read my blog.
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As always, we welcome all comments and feedback in the comments section below.


Stay Secure,
Joe Delio
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